Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe To Use


Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe As An Alternative To Real Cigarettes?

Systematic Apollo reviews suggest that e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco and don’t involve combustion and therefore they are less harmful than cigarette smoking since users can avoid many harmful constituents found in tobacco smoke. However, this does not mean that e-cigarettes can be considered harmless. Smoking is a deadly habit that is known to cause serious diseases of the lungs and heart, including cancer. Concerns among researchers and public health officials exist that although e-cigarettes may be a safe way to help smokers quit, it could become a gateway for kids to get hooked on cigarette smoking. Results on whether e-cigarettes are safe are mixed, but even while the debate continues ‘vape shops’ are opening everywhere and there are hundreds of brands available in most stores.

What Are E-cigarettes?


They are battery operated electronic devices with refillable liquid-filled tanks that are designed to look like real cigarettes. Some are marketed as a way to get a nicotine fix while avoiding the dangers of real cigarettes.  The liquid contains nicotine, several chemicals, and flavorings, which turns into vapor when heated. This vapor is inhaled by “dragging” on the vape, called ‘vaping’.

Nicotine has been proven to be one of the addictive substances in cigarettes which can cause withdrawal symptoms such as irritability and depression when smokers stop. Research studies have proved that nicotine is bad for people who suffer from heart problems and it may damage arteries. It affects attention and memory and may even harm unborn babies and the developing brains of children. In 2016 the FDA brought out new rules regarding the sale of e-cigarettes that prohibited the sale of e-cigarettes to children and teenagers under the age of 18, and I.D. to be produced by anyone under the age of 27.

Other harmful chemicals in certain e-cigarette brands include formaldehyde (used in building materials and antifreeze) that is known to cause cancer.

Some flavors in e-cigarettes use diacetyl, a harmful chemical with a buttery taste often added to foodstuffs such as popcorn which can be dangerous when inhaled, causing a lung disease known as “popcorn lung”.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe To Smoke

Although they are not 100% safe, most experts are of the opinion that they are less dangerous to health than real cigarettes. Smoking kills more than a half million people a year in the US alone, most of the damage coming from the inhalation of thousands of harmful chemicals that are inhaled in the form of smoke. Because e-cigarettes are not burned, there is no real smoke and therefore vapers are exposed to fewer toxins. Damage to others from second-hand vapors is thought to be very low to zero.

An expert review by the Public Health Services in England in 2015 suggested that e-cigarettes are an estimated 95% less harmful to smokers than real cigarettes. Although this figure is controversial with the worst critics arguing that it is more in the order of 50% – 66%, from a practical point of view the real figure is probably in the order of 80 ” 85% less dangerous according to policy researchers at the University of Michigan.

Are E-cigarettes Effective at Helping Smokers Quit?

Although there are no definitive studies that prove their effectiveness in that area, quite convincing evidence so far suggests that they are helping some smokers to quit. There is also evidence that most smokers who use e-cigarettes to help them quit smoking are using them in conjunction with real cigarettes ?” using them in situations or places where smoking is prohibited, but lighting up real cigarettes when they can.