Is It Healthy To Wear Gold Jewelry?


Many people that wear jewelry can have an adverse affect to the metal that is against their skin. However, gold is a little bit different. It is one of the few types of metal that will not have a bad reaction on a person skin, no matter how sensitive they are. That is one of the reasons that people will be more apt to wear gold jewelry then they will silver, bronze, or any type of metal at all. It may also be one of the reasons why it is so expensive because it is one of the most unique metals on the planet. Here is a quick overview of why gold is actually healthy to wear, and the many benefits that it can provide.

  • Is Gold Healthy For Your Skin?

According to some physicians and scientists, gold is a natural antioxidant. It is also an anti-inflammatory. If you think about what an antioxidant is, it is able to combat free radicals. A free radical is a cell in your body that is in need of additional electrons. These cells will find the electrons by taking them from adjacent cells, and this is what causes free radical damage. It is similar to cancer, with the exception that it is all about the electrons which gold seems to provide. Some other studies have shown that gold can reduce the inflammation of acne by directly affecting P acnes bacteria, helping to cause this condition to subside. Others will claim that it’s great for sun damage, wrinkles, and can even boost your immune system. However, most of those claims come from people that have taken colloidal gold. They are actually ingesting gold into their system, not just merely wearing the jewelry on the outside of their body. Scientific studies may one day prove that gold jewelry of any type can help and all of these ways.

  • Can Gold Be Used In Other Ways That Are Healthy?

There are some people that have actually used a colloidal gold facemask. They do this because it is said to help protect the skin. It can increase the amount of collagen and elastin that is in your skin, the materials that actually help you look youthful. By using this gold facemask on a regular basis, you can stimulate the growth of new cells, more collagen, and also help fight free radical damage. All of these benefits can come from this type of mask, and if you are wearing gold jewelry, there is a belief that it is creating a field of energy that can prevent free radical damage simply because you are wearing earrings or a necklace around your neck.

  • Other Health Benefits Associated With Wearing Gold Jewelry

People that have had wounds have often worn jewelry adjacent to where the wound is healing and have seen it heal very quickly. Other people have worn gold jewelry and have seen an increase in circulation throughout their body. In all of the studies that have been done on gold, and the thousands of comments that people of made about this substance, it seems to have only beneficial properties. It can also speed up your metabolism, and is thought to provide a relaxing effect and also help with arthritis symptoms. Just as colloidal gold seems to have all of these benefits, the frequency that is put off by gold may be doing the same. Gold is a nonferrous material like copper which is used to conduct electricity, therefore it may be putting up a magnetic field just by being in close proximity to the magnetic field produced by our own bodies amplifying the positive aspects.

If you have any gold jewelry, you should consider wearing it. It is possible that you may be able to see some real health benefits. If you can do this, you will be astounded at how your body will respond in many positive ways. You may also have a positive effect by carrying gold nuggets with you, or even wearing a pendant on a regular necklace that is made of gold. It is definitely worth trying this out just to see what type of results you get from this precious metal that is so valuable.